WordPress 6.1 update, what does it mean for you?

WordPress 6.1

We are ending the year with a big update from WordPress, WordPress 6.1.

WordPress is the backbone for nearly half of all websites worldwide. Imagine the responsibility upon the shoulders of the people who design and maintain such a widely used platform. Over the years, WordPress has gone through many changes, not the least of which was Gutenberg.

But before diving deeper into the new changes, let’s look at WordPress. WordPress is a ‘Content Management System’ or CMS. And that is just what it does, manage the content of your website.

As the internet evolves, so do the systems that run it. So we expect more from the web every day, and if your website lags, you will lose customers and opportunities. These increasing demands are why we rely on WordPress to keep up. And this is why there are regular updates, and some are more critical than others.

Let’s look at some of the highlights of this update, WordPress 6.1.

Faster Load Speeds

I have been using the beta version for a month and noticed a faster loading speed for the websites I created using WordPress 6.1. Studies have shown that websites that load slower than 3 seconds lose 80% of viewers. So, you cannot reach your customers with a website that loads slowly.

Global Styles

There are tools that help you to maintain a style throughout the website easily. For example, colors, fonts, block style variation, and more are included for global consistency. These tools are necessary for the initial build but are even more essential when making changes and maintaining your website.

A new theme, Twenty Twenty-Three

Bundled with the WordPress 6.1 update is a new theme, ‘Twenty Twenty-Three.’ This theme is clean and intuitive. With this new theme, there are ten new variations, and one of them will certainly offer a great starting point for a clean, up-to-date website. ‘Twenty Twenty-Three’ is, for now, my go-to theme.

There are many more improvements.

If I were to go into all the changes, you certainly would get bored, and I would not blame you. But the changes did bring me joy in creating new websites. Here is an example of a new website built with WordPress 6.1.

Check Out What WordPress 6.1 Can Do.


I hope this helps you to understand some of the mysteries of modern web design. Every business needs a website, so why don’t we embrace it and enjoy the ride?

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