• Recognize

    The phase where we discover our clients’ values, expectations, and direction. A creative exchange to clarify & articulate the strengths and goals for clients’ success strategies. Together, we create a “map” of our clients’ business terrain and decide upon a path to take advantage of their strengths to get from where they are to where their clients are.
  • Refine

    We combine the information we’ve discovered with our client and design a solution. We bring our creativity and experience as well as all of the tools we have in our toolbox for our client’s best product. Designing the message and creating the path.
  • Reveal

    Design – bringing vision to life with details & Sharing the creation with the client. Using current best practices and creative solutions we offer our clients message in memorable ways with lasting impact. This is where the vision becomes reality.
  • Release

    Deploy – publish and refine as audience responds. Showing the world the client’s message. Launching with intent and visibility we celebrate the project and show off our client’s message.
  • Reflect

    Monitor response and tweak to respond to audience feedback. Assessing the results, sharing pizza and refreshment. Flexibility and the ability to adjust and change aspects of the project on the fly as new information is brought to light is key in this phase of the project.